How To Market Your Small Business

I know, its a big topic, how to market your small business in a way that doesn’t break the bank and gets results and bottom line, makes you money.

Just so you know a little bit about me.  I own a small business and I’m in the trenches every day fighting against the Big Guns.  The well funded larger corporations that have more money than brains and more people than you do and can squash you like an ant if they wanted to.

The reason I’m writing about how to market your small business is because I see huge mistakes every day.  And, us small businesses can’t afford to make big mistakes or we’ll be out of business fast.

We need to show results quick.  For us, it is all about results.

So, let me get some myths out of the way first.  Myth Number one in how to market your small business is, no one loves your product or service as much as you do and no one is dying to get your product or service.  The only reason a consumer is looking at your product/service is because they have a problem and they are looking for a solution to that problem.

Without a problem your potential customer isn’t interested in what you have to offer.

Myth number two in how to market your small business is, your potential customer will ignore you until they have a problem that requires a solution.  See the first myth above.  Just understanding this myth will save you thousands of dollars.

Your potential customer isn’t paying attention to you unless they have a problem.  So, you could easily waste a lot of advertising dollars by advertising in front of people that don’t have a problem you can solve.

Myth number three in how to market your small business is, you can’t survive unless you have a steady flow of potential prospects.  So, at a minimum, you need to be targeted in your advertising whether you do it in person or through some other sort of media.

You can easily save yourself thousands of dollars by eliminating most of your advertising and going to a more “in-person” approach.  Getting yourself out there in front of potential clients through business networking functions is one way to do that.  There are others but for a small investment you can have a major impact on your marketing and actually bring in new customers.